The rise of customization

It all started with the phrase “every phone is unique and different”, at least for me. I’m not freaking sure who coined that.

Long gone was the era where every phone is the same, the only thing different is your contact numbers, your sms, your photos. Even the snake game everyone was playing is the same, the only thing different is your highest score.

I still believe it was all started by having the liberty to change your background picture, then able to decide what to appear on your phone, the apps and so on.

It taught us the feeling of having something “truly ours”, although we know what it really is – but you get the idea. Customization is changing people’s life, it is changing businesses as well.

How can your business cope with this paradigm shift?

We know exactly that your iPhone has no difference from your friends’. But Apple has created an environment that makes you feel empowered, it makes you feel belong.

Look deeper, it is not so much about your product anymore, it is about how you create an unique experience around your product. Don’t just sell product, build a brand; don’t just focus on functions or features, tell a story.

I believe customization is allowing everyone of your customers to be able to tell a story about your product that are truly theirs. That’s customization to me.

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