Why you should not build a mobile app

We’ve came across many enquiries from small medium businesses (SME) especially, about building their own mobile app. I know it is cool to have your own “branded app” – having the right to place those shinny “Download on the App Store” and “Get it on Google Play” badges around your brochures and websites is awesome. But no.

These apps mostly ended up a bragging right among the bosses, and most of them are useless. I mean, seriously useless. We don’t mind the money, but being a developer we love to see our creation being appreciate and most importantly, solves a problem.

I’ll go ahead and list down 4 reasons why you should not build a mobile app. If your idea falls into either one or a few of the below mentioned, probably you should think again. Or you may contact us to help you streamline your idea.

Here you go.


1. You’re looking to build “a mobile app for people to find out about our products/services”

Don’t, just don’t. Your website should do that well. If you do not have a website, get one. If your website is not maximised for mobile view, make it. Trust me, that’s all you need.


2. “This idea is going to revolutionise the industry”

Yes it might, I don’t doubt that. But we’re not from the future. So if your idea is just an idea without going through any validation, you may want to consider doing it first. Building a game-changing idea is not just an idea, you should understand if the market needs it? How the market needs it? What is the business model? Are you ready for the backend support, etc.? How to market the app once it is launched?

The list goes on. We’ve built many startups, failed some. We don’t want you to repeat those mistakes we made. However we love to hear ideas, talk to us and we will help you.


3. “My app will let me connect with my customers. It is a loyalty app!”

I don’t think so. Many talked to us to build “Starbucks app for their business”, but your business is not Starbucks. Tenancy is your app will be the first to go when my phone memory is running out, because it is “just another loyalty card” – maybe cardless. It still doesn’t solve any of my problem.

I won’t delete my Starbucks app because it carries my money in it, but I won’t keep yours. If what you need is a cardless mobile loyalty program, consider WXCity.


4. “I heard we can build an app easily with RM1,800”

You can actually build an app for free. Seriously. Any idea that does more than curating information from your website, Facebook and stuffs, it is a customised app. When it comes to customised app, developers charge either by man hour or module. We pour our heart and soul to materialise your idea, so if your mind is all about “building it cheap”, my best suggestion is probably to start learning to code.


So, here you are. I’ve made my point and if you think you still want to build your mobile app, I congratulate you. That means you know what you’re doing and about to do, I hope my points did help you clear your thoughts even a little. Tribeup has got the team and experience in turning an idea into a mobile app – talk to us today, let’s sit down over a cuppa.

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