As a Facebook advertising agency, we use Google Adwords as a supporting medium to make the cross-platform digital advertising campaign complete. We believe the key to successful Facebook advertising or digital advertising campaign as a whole, is audience segmentation.

We approach each campaign with an illustrated customer journey, and we segmentize our audience in a very detailed manner. We usually use Facebook advertising to serve as top-of-funnel audience acquisition channel, where we can actively target audiences and push the marketing message out effectively. Google advertising, on the other hand, would serve as a middle-of-funnel or even bottom-of-funnel advertising medium with the aim to optimize exposure and conversion for the digital advertising campaign.

We use Google Display Network and Google Remarketing heavily in our Google advertising campaigns. The philosophy is to create positive branding for the brand, at the same time driving ads in a highly targeted manner towards a specific group of known audience, instead of mass targeting.

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