About Tribeup.

Hi, this is Jason, I founded the agency.

Thank you for reading up to this, coffee on me when we meet.

I started Tribeup as a blog, eventually turned into a boutique agency in 2010. I’ve got the privilege to work with over 200 brands to date, big and small. Our current clients include EcoWorld, Sunway Property, Aspen Group and some exciting local brands.

Got a bit distracted to build tech startups in 2013. Some worked, some didn’t end so well. I was pretty obsessed about building ideas until 2015. I started Tribeup Academy in 2016 to teach businesses on how to do effective Facebook advertising. I’ve trained over 3,000 to date.

I share tips and thoughts about entrepreneurship, Facebook advertising and digital marketing on my page and my blog on daily basis, drop me a message about your questions about Facebook advertising.

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